HelloColor Reboot!

Every year when may comes, I come up with a new site, released within May 1st Reboot project.

This time it’s fully flash site again. It’s quite rushed though, becasue of strict deadline & it has some little bugs, that I have to remove asap. I also made a little update with a few new works, but I provide a bigger update in june. I’ll let you know on that.

For now, go & Get the color!

  1. Mike said:

    LOVE the reboot!! Great work!

  2. zecarlito said:

    Very good job !!! I really like all what you do pawel !!

    Thank you for making the world more colorized !!

  3. MQ said:

    REBOOT AND REANIMATE! the site looks rad man!


  4. Ade said:

    Absoluetly love the new site.
    Much easier top navigate now, I voted for it because it deserves it!
    Im in the middle of doing soemthing similar, can I ask did u use slideshow pro for your application?

  5. hydro74 said:

    Love it. actually got a few emails from friends requesting some votes. by far, your site is one of the better ones.


  6. panos said:

    hey man love ur work
    first saw it on advanced photoshop mag
    outstanding work you got there.
    i was wondering if you got any tutorials by any change to read and learn from.

  7. sole said:

    …u are a genius, really great art. like the use of color. and a great flash site! props!

  8. The site looks great, better than before which is good.

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