Monthly Archives: November 2007

 HelloColor Updates

Well… it was about damn time to do some update over at my HelloColor, since I haven’t made any since I rebooted it in may! That was quite a long time, a very busy time of had work, so I decided to show up couple selected works I made during that time.

I don’t know what more to say – just enjoy my stuff!


Mr Toledano

Recently, when I have a weird feel that there are less and less things in the field of web, design and illustration that can impress me to pain, I found some good photography is what can do it on me. Especially when it’s with a good portion of concept and sophisticated form.

However, Phillip Toledano’s Photography is something even more than that. I really loved his photographs, with strong emphasize on concept and story behind each one, as he explains in a boards following each category, that is a great addition.

Also a nice and simple site was used to show it all in an interesting way.
Must see