HelloColor Updates!!

 HelloColor Updates

Well… it was about damn time to do some update over at my HelloColor, since I haven’t made any since I rebooted it in may! That was quite a long time, a very busy time of had work, so I decided to show up couple selected works I made during that time.

I don’t know what more to say – just enjoy my stuff!

  1. Soldout said:

    Love the work! Be sure to keep updating it! 🙂

  2. Logan said:

    Really impresive work! Well done! Keep it up!

  3. ostatni said:

    Niektore prace wygladaja jakby je Hejz zrobil. Powstaje pytanie, czy warto robic jak “wszyscy”, bo przeciez Hejz nie byl pierwszy.

    Zycze powodzenia w szukaniu siebie, a nie efekciarstwa. Technike juz masz mega dobra.


  4. peha said:

    zajebisty pack:)
    i wielki szacunek za to ze swoj styl przenosisz na komercyjne projekty i po pierwsze dobrze to wyglada a po drugie przekonujesz do tego klienta!!!


  5. Djo said:

    great work!
    someone showed me a website.. nd i saw the citroen design on it.. i thought i had seen it somewhere
    could someone have stolen it from you ? =S
    great work.

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