ColorFlip and News

Holla, been totally quiet here for a long time huh..

By the way of posting this cool link, ColorFlip, that is probably the most creative way of using a page turn effect…

… I’m saying that some major change in my lately monotonous life has been made and I just moved to Warsaw to work full time at Ars Thanea, that you of course already know and love ;]

And yes, this doesn’t mean that freelance side of HelloColor goes to a second plane… it still is and will be there 🙂

Lotsa things going on there and it’s ubercool so far and I’m preparing myself to get my site updated with just a couple newer things, I’ve made recently. I’m just waiting for some clients to close the cases, so I could show it all at once. Wow, I haven’t updated from novermber 2007!

  1. valp said:

    Pawel, I am going mad with this!

    Really addictive hehehe 🙂

  2. nathan said:

    hehe, very cool. nice bloggage too.

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