Monthly Archives: June 2010

Digging the dark, creepy illustrations by the Polish artist Tomasz Płonka. Great moody, comic feel and colors.


I can say, I’m really, really glad to have it finished, finally!

“Art Direction” is the newest illustration that I released, however it’s about 2 years old! Yes, I started the concept & work on it about 2 years ago, then during that long, busy time, I had a few breaks & comebacks to the psd file & in the end I forced myself to finish it by the end of the last week & I made it.

As for my expectations, it’s not 100% perfectly finished, but it was a never ending, exceptionally time-consuming story, to retouch all of the little details they way I wanted it too. But I’m really satisfied with it, even though it’s just another “cliché with a babe” illustration…

Be sure to check it on my Behance