Finally, I’m back in the business, with new site, new works & revamped identity.
Pawel Nolbert reboots with a selection of projects from the past & from now.

New portfolio shares it’s launch with Sneakercube – an ongoing personal project, where love for sneakers meets graphic design.

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Social media almost entirely killed my posts here & I mostly post news & cool stuff there.

Therefore, I’d like you to visit & like my newly launched Facebook page here
I will definitely post much more content there, though cool links will be kept on my Twitter, or hopefully here.

I will still post more exciting news here after I launch my new site, that’s still waiting for the perfect moment & for some projects to be completed.
Stay connected!

Global Key Visual for Polaroid I was very motivated to work on with not less motivated folks at Ars

Polaroid Grey Label is a collaboration between two of the most influential icons of our time, Polaroid and Lady Gaga who, as you might know, is a Creative Director over there. The key visual is a combination of a complex 3D and some extensive retouch.

Lady Gaga loved it!

Watch the project here

…And I hope that some of you still have this thing bookmarked. I’ve been having quite a bit of a slack time in my life recently. Actually my engagement was just symbolic, which I’m ashamed of…
Still, I’ll try to post here some cool things that I liked, however I got lazy and post most of these things on my facebook profile.

There’s also another thing that, as the fall came over, has been taking a lot of my thoughts and spare time. As I’m a huge admirer of a stylish sneakers, I decided to start up with a new personal project dedicated to those beautiful, expensive and mostly unnecessary things, that will be a new form of expressing myself, since I haven’t done any personal design / illustration projects at all recently. It will join both fashion and design so I think many of you will enjoy following it.
It may take a couple of weeks to launch and I will be back with more news on the project soon!

Meanwhile, watch out for some new posts over here.